Andrew Inkpen

Andrew Inkpen is an Assistant Professor at Mount Allison University in the Department of Philosophy and an Associate Fellow in the History of Science and Technology Programme at the University of King’s College. His research in the history and philosophy of science focuses on conceptual and methodological issues in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Laurence Huc

Laurence Huc is a toxicologist and team leader at INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment) in Toulouse. The aim of her project is to evaluate the health impact of commonly used fungicides.

Matt Haber

Matt Haber is Associate Professor in Philosophy, University of Utah (USA). His area of specialty is Philosophy of Biology and Philosophy of Science, particularly the philosophical and conceptual issues in systematics.

Stephan Guttinger

Stephan Guttinger is a lecturer in Philosophy of Data and Data Ethics at the University of Exeter. His research focuses on the methodology and ontology of the contemporary life sciences.

Sara Green

Sara Green is Associate Professor in the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen. Her research focuses on the epistemic and social implications of datafication in science and medicine, with special focus on personalized or precision medicine.