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Sophie Layé

Sophie Layé is Research Director at INRAE and team leader of Nutrimind (Brain Nutrient Sensing and Cognitive Trajectory from Development to Aging) at  Bordeaux Neurocampus.

Paôline Laurent

Paôline Laurent holds a PhD in Immunology, under the supervision of Thomas Pradeu and Marie-Elise Truchetet, at ImmunoConcept, Bordeaux, France.

Jan Pieter Konsman

Jan Pieter Konsman is a neuroimmunologist with a Master’s degree in history and philosophy of science. His research focuses on physiology, behavior and immune-to-brain signaling during inflammation and cancer as well as on the use concepts, such as homeostasis and stress, in preclinical studies. He is CNRS researcher and member of the Conceptual Biology and Medicine team at ImmunoConcept.

Lara Keuck

Lara Keuck is a historian and philosopher of medicine and leads an independent Max Planck Research Group on Practices of Validation in the Biomedical Sciences at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in Berlin.

Hannah Kaminski

Hannah Kaminski is MD of Nephrology and Infectious diseases. She recently completed her PhD dissertation in Immunology at ImmunoConcept under the supervision of Julie Déchanet-Merville.

Eva Jablonka

Eva Jablonka is Professor at Tel-Aviv University. Her research interests include Heredity, Epigenetics. Evolutionary Biology, Behavioural Ecology, Developmental Biology, Language and Cultural evolution, History of Genetics and the Philosophy of Science.

Andrew Inkpen

Andrew Inkpen is an Assistant Professor at Mount Allison University in the Department of Philosophy and an Associate Fellow in the History of Science and Technology Programme at the University of King’s College. His research in the history and philosophy of science focuses on conceptual and methodological issues in ecology and evolutionary biology.