What is PhilInBioMed?

PhilInBioMed is both an interdisciplinary institute located at the University of Bordeaux, France, and a national and international network of interdisciplinary institutes. PhilInBioMed aims at promoting philosophy in the biological and medical sciences, a co-production of knowledge by the direct interactions of philosophers, biologists, and medical doctors.

The mission of PhilInBioMed is to promote short-term and long-term stays of philosophers in biology and medicine labs, as well as short-term and long-term stays of biologists and MDs in philosophy labs, and, ultimately, collaborative publications by philosophers, biologists, and medical doctors.


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PhilinBioMed Newsletter – January and February 2021

Dear colleagues, We are happy to share the PhilinBioMed newsletter for January and February 2021. You can read it via this link.

New paper in Synthese

New paper in Synthese by Mahdi Khelfaoui, Yves Gingras, Maël Lemoine and Thomas Pradeu, assessing the visibility of philosophy of science in the sciences. Khelfaoui M, Gingras Y, Lemoine M, Pradeu T (2021), The visibility of philosophy of science in the sciences, 1980-2018. Synthese.

Feral Atlas, a new website on ecological worlds

Feral Atlas invites you to explore the ecological worlds created when nonhuman entities become tangled up with human infrastructure projects. Seventy-nine field reports from scientists, humanists, and artists show you how to recognize “feral” ecologies, that is, ecologies that have been encouraged by human-built infrastructures, but which have developed and spread beyond human control. These infrastructural… Read more »


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Latest projects

IDEM is an ERC-funded project (2015-2020) located at the interface between philosophy of biology and biology. Hosted by the CNRS in Bordeaux, France, IDEM is conducted by Thomas Pradeu. More information about this project here.  

The members of this interdisciplinary project attempt to propose a refined definition of the notion of tumor microenvironment, at the interface between cancer biology, developmental biology, immunology, and studies on angiogenesis. People involved: Andreas Bikfalvi (Inserm), Dorothée Duluc, Lucie Laplane (IHPST & IGR), Nicolas Larmonier, Thomas Pradeu. More information about this project here.  

Initiated by Jean-François Moreau, this project is based on the idea that mobility is central to immunity. In the transition from unicellularity to multicellularity, all cells have mostly lost their mobility – except for the immune cells. We are interested in better characterizing this link between immunity and mobility, and the way it emerged through… Read more »

Latest publications

Abstract There is a broad consensus in nutritional-microbiota research that high-fat (HF) diets are harmful to human health, at least in part through their modulation of the gut microbiota. However, various studies also support the inherent flexibility of the human gut and our microbiota’s ability to adapt to a variety of food sources, suggesting a… Read more »

Abstract While aging research and policy aim to promote ‘health’ at all ages, there remains no convincing explanation of what this ‘health’ is. In this paper, I investigate whether we can find, implicit within the sciences of aging, a way to know what health is and how to measure it, i.e. a theory of health. To answer… Read more »

Abstract  We situate the well-trodden debate about defining health and disease within the project of a metaphysics of science and its aim to work with and contribute to science. We make use of Guay and Pradeu’s ‘metaphysical box’ to reframe this debate, showing what is at stake in recent attempts to move beyond it, revealing… Read more »