Big data and algorithms are profoundly transforming contemporary medicine.

The program of this interdisciplinary summer school will present the genetic and bioinformatics foundations of this evolution and its philosophical, ethical, legal, sociological and psychological issues. Each session will include a conference and a workshop on a specific case. Students will actively participate in the final synthesis.

Expected sessions

  • – Big data and health: legal issues
  • – Data, health and ethical issues
  • – Brugada syndrome and connectivity map approach
  • – Big data and medical diagnosis
  • – From basic research to the patient: contribution of integrated biology in mitochondrial diseases
  • – Big data and the patient
  • – Bioinformatics and health

One day in Nantes to visit a research institution and discover the city.

The aim is to provide an overview of a set of problems, related to the use of data in health, thanks to humanities and social sciences methods.The course is intended for students and researchers interested in medicine, genetics, bioinformatic, laws or humanities.

The program will be entirely taught in English.

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