Understanding immunogenicity

Understanding the triggering of an immune response

The aim of this interdisciplinary project is to offer, through the articulation of conceptual, experimental, and medical perspectives, a better characterization of how the immune system is activated. What triggers an effector or a regulatory immune response? How can concepts, theories, and models help us understand how the immune system is activated? One aspect of this investigation is the assessment of the “discontinuity theory” Pradeu, Jaeger and Vivier 2013; Pradeu and Vivier 2016), which states that effector immune responses are triggered by sudden changes in the molecular patterns with which immune receptors interact.

People involved in Bordeaux: Julie Déchanet-Merville, Hannah Kaminsky, Maria Mamani, Jean-François Moreau, Thomas Pradeu, Marie-Elise Truchetet.

PI: Thomas Pradeu

Partners: Gérard Eberl (Institut Pasteur), Eric Vivier (CIML).

More information about this project here.

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